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Enterprise collaboration tool is primarily for everyone but it is more useful for employees, which helps them to connect, collaborate and share knowledge and work with their colleagues. Yet most of the times this very work-force resist the use of enterprise collaboration tool. Below are the few reasons for which most them don’t want to use or opt for enterprise collaboration tool.

1. They are short of time

Employees are always overwhelmed with their work. Every day they are packed with their own internal work stuff that seldom they get time to try out something new. Hence most of the times employees at first resist to learn something new or something that does not relate to their work. But training and education can play crucial part in showing employees that enterprise collaboration tool can increase their productivity and help them finish their work early. If employees are already spending plenty of time communicating via phone, or sharing knowledge via external tools or searching solutions from unconfirmed source then it is always in their best interest to educate them about enterprise collaboration software.

2. Not wanting to learn new technology

Most of the time employees are not keen on learning new technologies and that result into their resistance of enterprise collaboration tool. Just deploying the tool and telling everybody to use it will do no good either for the company or for employee. Rather it should be implemented in the present work flow or existing work platform that should allow employees to carry on with their work seamlessly. Educating and training can greatly help employees to use it. When you show how employee can benefit with use of collaboration tool they become interested and their chances of using the tool increases.

3. Plenty of technology platforms to deal with

While working in an organization employees have to deal with many technological platforms that make them resistant to any new addition of technology platform or tools. Suppose you are working in a company where you have to work on different operating system everyday namely, Windows, Mac and Linux this may make you technology fatigue and you may completely resist the use of any new operating system. Similar if you a platform for CRM, then one for HRM then for support desk, project management, how are you going to feel about it? It is always better to have central enterprise collaboration with integrated CRM, support desk, HRM, project management and so on. This will offer a common platform for them use it and save their time. 

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