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Whenever we go for shopping we have heard the sales person telling us to go for higher mega pixel camera for stunning images or buying more gigahertz processor for superior performance or buying extended warranty for complete peace of mind. But is it worth paying those extra bucks for minor upgrades? Let us see below the common shopping myth busted.

1. Processor speed is everything in computing

When microprocessor technology was in its nascent stage during the 70s you could have told that processor speed is very important to carry out your everyday computing tasks but with advent of latest technology processor speed have been improved considerably. Today the processors offered by Intel as well as its rival AMD offers superior processing speed and hence unless and until you need to run some heavy applications or games it is not worth to go for processor with higher speed. Intel offer i3, i5 and i7 processors so if you have a moderate usage like working on excel, word, power point or surfing internet then purchasing i7 doesn’t make sense. Overall computer efficiency depends on various factors and not on just one parameter of processor speed.

2. Megapixel for Stunning images

Many times when we talk about camera, we mostly talk in megapixel language rather than the technology used by the brand. It is true that for large images you need a bigger megapixel camera but that is not only factor which determines picture quality. Most of the time sales people urge you to go for higher megapixel camera costing you more. The fact is always looking out for brand that offers large sensor, good camera lens and decent megapixel.

3. Expensive HDMI cable for high quality picture

People most of the time consider buying a costly HDMI cable so that they can watch and listen to high quality picture and audio. But the fact is it is not expensive HDMI cable that matter but the quality and technology used plays an important role. So even if you buy an inexpensive HDMI cable you get great picture and audio quality.

4. Extended warranty for complete peace of mind

Most of the times people purchase extended warranty on electronic gadgets in spite of warranty by the manufacturer. Because they feel that buying extended warranty saves their money on repair and gives them complete peace of mind. But the fact is sometime the cost of extended warranty is more than the repair itself. Most of the time manufacturer warranty is more than enough.

5. Refurbished gadgets are not up to the mark

People always believe that refurbished product are old and comes with defects like dent and scratches. The fact is that many larger retailer sells refurbished product and they are of good quality, every refurbished undergo rigorous testing and sometimes even better than the new product. Hence if you want to save as much as 50% on your purchase of electronic gadget then there is nothing better than getting a refurbished electronic product.

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