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Today’s business environment is very dynamic things change faster than anyone could anticipate. A decade back who thought mobile phone would revolutionize our lives completely? Who though internet could change the way we do business and communication? Who thought the social networking sites could garner billions of active members? With emergent of new technologies the future is going to be lot different than what we are witnessing now. If we are not going to embrace the future then we may be left behind to brood.

 The future is almost in the making, Google Glass, wearable technology, space tourism all seem possible today.

All these development and changes cannot happen unless and until we get a collaborative and highly engaged environment at our workplace. Today businesses are investing millions of dollar in shiny new collaborative tools with lot of bells and whistles but as a matter of fact unless and until the tool address the core problem of people collaboration the tool itself does not solve the purpose. Just implementing a tool does not bring people on board and solve the collaboration problem in the organization. Working in collaboration is the reason we are seeing the rapid evolution of technology. When people work together they share ideas, work on ideas and bring the idea into life. The future will have fierce competition between organizations and to be competitive it is important to be collaborative. Enterprise collaboration has shown some great promise in encouraging collaboration among team members. It is a tool that offers employees working in the organization a platform to collaborate, communicate and share knowledge across the organization. When people are connected in real-time then the work get done faster, new ideas emerges and problem solving capabilities increases. 

The companies which do not implement this collaborative tool and do not encourage collaboration will have a tough time dealing with the competition from other companies who deploy and encourages collaboration in their organization. As the world is moving towards more open and sharing environment in workplace collaboration can really help the company to survive.

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