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Collaboration Software for your Company

Enterprise collaboration softwares are no more the process organising platforms used by the industry giants for their large scale functioning. Many small and medium sized enterprises have also stated to understand and adapt to the immense benefits of such softwares.

The best thing about enterprise collaboration softwares is that it can get adapted to your needs thanks to its highly flexible and easy to customize tools. Especially if you opt for a tool like 'uKnowva' which in itself comes with a holistic range of features but still have possibilities to add extensions or customize the features as per your requirement.

Such softwares are as good as tailor made and actually help you make the best out of the tools. Choosing the right software for your business is where half the battle is won.

Here are some key factors to consider while choosing enterprise collaboration software for your organisation.

1) Scale of business
Larger the scale of business, the more comprehensive your software should be. Always aim to make the best out of your investments. Enterprise collaboration softwares can be put to use to manage employees, clients and new leads as well. If you have a smaller scaled business, prioritize yoru requirements. Features like lead management might be essential for you to grow your business. Ensure you get all the services listed and checked before you make the final decision about the software.

2) Objectives
Your business objectives determine your needs and your needs determine what you should look for in the enterprise collaboration software. If you have a large number of employees and their management is your challenge then you need more HR based applications. In case growing business is your objective then business client related applications will be of higher interest to you. Similarly once you know what you need, demand the same form your software.

3) Need for extension and customisation
In case you work in a dynamic business where you nee to keep adding features and have them tailor made, ensure that the software you are buying gives you the flexibility to do so.

4) Budgets
You can either buy an enterprise software and run it on your server or if your budgets don’t allow for a one time heavy investment, go for on cloud service which can be availed online on subscription basis.

5) After services
Deciding the software is crucial but what is equally important is who you are buying from. Who are the developers and who maintain the software? Are they approachable? Are they available to resolve your queries and issues? The after sale service in such cases Is very important and its always recommended to deal with professionals who are available at your disposal.

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