The current global coronavirus pandemic has given a big push to the work from home program. With the current lockdown happening across countries you are probably left with no other option but to practice working remotely. Let's face it - working from home can be confining. Yes, many technologies and tools make life much easier. But it's also easy to lose a sense of personal and work distinction in the process of getting all the work done.

If you are rather new to this work from home concept, then there is a high chance you may sabotage your own efforts by succumbing to distractions or fear of isolation.

What follows is a quick two-minute guide of what you need to know before you go crazy trying to just GET THE WORK DONE.

Have a Dedicated Work Space

Ensure you have an assigned space in which you work. Working from your bed can make it difficult to know when to begin or stop working. It is important to have a distinguished workspace and a relaxing space. Working directly from your bed in your PJs encourages a poor work-life balance further sabotaging your productivity. Be certain your workspace is quiet and devoid of all the loud noises coming from your kids so you can focus on the task at hand.


Mastering how to power through distractions is very essential cause everything will pull your focus when you first start working from home. A meditation routine will help you not spiral into worry and anxiety.

Especially in trying times like these when there is delicate news floating around and everyone is on a verge of panic. Give yourself 15 minutes every day to process your thoughts and gather your focus.

Follow a schedule

Structure your work time such that, you are available and active during the most productive times of the day. If you are prone to get sleepy after a heavy sambar rice made by your mom, make sure you stretch or take a 5 mins dance break. Also know when to log off, you wouldn't want yourself a burnout!

Network and Communicate

Isolation can be scary. For remote workers, it is especially easy to get disconnected with your team. To avoid such scenarios make sure you stay in touch /network with your team more often. Schedule frequent remote meetings and ensure that you connect and share information on dedicated channels. Having a single platform ensures everyone on the team is in the loop. Weekly meetings and emails with your boss about status updates will surely help you convey the work you have undertaken. It does give your employer a chance to evaluate and align further tasks and responsibilities.

Enjoy it

Yes, you may not love working from home. But there is no point cribbing about the situation. As we are left with no option, let's take some sound measures to make life easier and you may as well enjoy it while you are at it.

PS: Please take a shower daily!

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