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Engage Employees

Employee engagement is as important as customer engagement. Because the fact is your business does not run by itself, it's the manpower that makes it function. But you don't really have to drag them out of the work mode to give them an engaging break. Work can be made more fun and interesting by simple things some of which are listed below:

  • 1)Social Intranet

    Don’t be surprised if we tell you that many companies across the globe have set up internal social networking platforms to boost the inter-departmental interactions. It is definitely not a disturbance to work since increase in employee communications is only helping in better teamwork and improvement in work culture.

    Check out:

  • 2)Employee Celebrations

    Whether it’s their birthday or anniversary, make sure you are a part of your employee’s celebration. Small things like cutting a cake along with their entire team or just giving a bouquet are enough for your workers to feel special. And this doesn’t take more than 5mins of their time, but creates a personal connect which is a motivation factor for your employees to stay with the company for a long term.

  • 3)Annual day/Fest

    Make your employees feel more involved in the company by celebrating certain special days like annual day, founder’s day, etc with them. A better way would be to ask employees to make the arrangements or invite their families too for the celebration.

  • 4)Getting into the Festive Mood

    We all love festivals, but we all also hate working during the festive season. Add some festive flavors to your office in such times. Play a small competition like dress up your cubicle for Christmas, or a Rangoli competition for Diwali, etc. You can simple keep dress codes for the festival too. These won’t affect the work time at all but keep the employees happy.

    Check out:

  • 5)Polls

    Just like your consumer thinking matters, so does your employee’s thinking. Ask them if they are dissatisfied about something or just try to understand their behavior and choices using internals polls.

    Check out: uKnowva Polls

  • 6)Discussions

    Just like polls, discussions also help you understand your employees better. You can also use it to discuss about official updates and to share knowledge.

  • 7)Blogging

    It’s important to keep the conversation between the top management and the employees going, but it need all always be formal and to the point. Indulge in more light-hearted conversations. Since it is practically not possible to have a one on one conversation with each one, use a blog to do the same at one go.

  • 8)Team Building

    Team work is the key to success and to build the team is the job of the management and the HR. Start various activities that can help make the team come closer. Give them small projects or competitions to work on or send them for team lunches once in 2 months.

  • 9)Training Sessions

    Training sessions are the ideal way to engage your employees formally. It gives them a chance to get out of the normal work routine and it also proves profitable for the company because at the end of the training the employee is left with more insights and updates which can help him perform better.

  • 10)Lunch Time

    The simplest way of engaging employees is giving them their freedom at lunchtime. It’s important to create a separate space in the office where all employees can come together to have lunch. They get a chance to interact with each other and also feel more relaxed.

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